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Glasslock is Eco-friendly

Glasslock is a leading brand that manufactures high-quality glass containers. Our company has been successful in providing reliable, safe, and eco-friendly products to customers worldwide.

Energy saving


Because of the low temperature of fusion Glasslock needs less energy and protects the earth


Glasslock glass food storage containers are 100% recyclable, toxin free and leak-proof alternative to plastic food containers
BPA free

BPA free

Glasslock products are all BPA free and do not contain any harmful environmental hormones, neither in the glass, lids nor silicone


The containers are made of tempered glass, which is 3 to 5 times harder and more resistant than normal glass

Glasslock Categories

Food Containers

High-quality tempered food containers made out of glass, which is 100% recyclable and safe for the usage in nearly all kitchen appliances


Shakers & Canisters

Premium Glass Shakers to shake all kinds of drinks and dressings and Glass Canisters to storage all kinds of groceries



Small tempered food containers to store small portions of baby food. Safe to use in all kitchen appliances due to its high robustness



Compositions of several oven and microwave containers to a more valuable price

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About us

Glasslock is a leading brand that manufactures high-quality tempered glass food containers

With production 100% based in South Korea, Glasslock has made its mark in the industry by continuously developing innovative products that cater to the needs of modern consumers.

Our infrastructures are well implemented in Europe, with warehouses and office in Aachen, Germany, our hub for the distribution of our products to our clients within the EU territories. We have one of the largest range of SKUs in stock available (150+ references) to fulfil all the needs and the enquiries of our partners.

The visibility of our brand and products is spread through our well developed network of recognized clients in various distribution channels like global chains of Hypermarkets/supermarkets/discounters, worldwide famous Department stores, online shops, home shopping channels, local professional stores, and many others.

Our top priority is op bring full satisfaction to our partners by providing a full, effective and strong supply chain and a full after service to end-consumers.

We are constantly investing in research and development to be in line with the global preoccupation such as eco-friendly and recyclable and bring the newest innovation in our products.

About Glasslock

Awards & Certificates

References Aailable 150 +

References Aailable

Reliable Partners 200 +

Reliable Partners

Stocked Pallets 2000 +

Stocked Pallets

Satisafaction Rate 94 +

Satisafaction Rate

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Best Seller

Discover our top-selling eco-friendly and safe food storage containers at Glasslock! Our bestsellers include a variety of sizes and shapes to suit all your food storage needs. Made from durable tempered glass, our containers are BPA-free and come with leak-proof lids to keep your food fresh and secure. With their sleek design and clear glass, they add a touch of elegance to any kitchen. Choose from our bestsellers for a safe, eco-friendly, and stylish way to store your food!